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Body Contouring

Mastopexy: a means to correct breast ptosis

» The causation or presence of breast ptosis is related to skin elasticity, ductal structures and supporting ligaments « .

All about cellulite: a review of the causes, treatments and new technologies

The causes of cellulite can be classified as multifactorial. Gender, anatomy, genetic susceptibility, hormones, deficiencies in lymphatic drainage and microvasculature are all thought to play in a...

Male body sculpting: an increasing trend in aesthetics and what it means for practitioners

According to the media, male vanity is no myth (Bhatia, 2019). Men take as much care about their looks as women do. Over the past few years, there have been articles published about the rise in male...

How to get rid of visceral fat: a randomised double-blind clinical trial

The technology used was completed in 2008 by Gerald Pollock and Donald Gilbert. The technology was originally built at the University of London for muscle-wasting conditions and multiple sclerosis,...

Body contouring using a combination of non-invasive energy-based devices

When someone overeats and is inactive, this raises the question of where fat will be deposited, as well as where fat will be burned when dieting and exercising. This is the typical fat distribution...

Gain without pain: beyond sport effortless exercise solutions

Increased toxicity is the protagonist in all aspects of physical illness. Lack of exercise leads to increased toxicity and increased vulnerability to one or more chronic physical conditions. Exercise...

Facial rejuvenation and skin-tightening using monopolar radiofrequency

The manifestations of ageing occur as a result of gravity impact, muscle action, loss of volume, reduction of superficial and deep fat and loss of skeletal support, which collectively lead to the face...

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