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The importance of the 5P framework when using dermal fillers

Do we have the experience to assess and treat the patient and can we achieve their desired expectations?

Acne scar management and treatment: a review of the options

Laser treatment of acne scars can be divided into two main categories: ablative and non-ablative (Table 1). Thermal injury delivered by lasers leads to stimulation of dermal fibroblasts, which...

The introduction of polynucleotides

The basic unit of the polynucleotide-based injectable relies on long chains of highly purified nucleotides which form a series of highly stable alpha helixes. The hypoallergenic polynucleotides are...

Reflecting on acne scarring for Acne Awareness Month

Acne scarring can be prevented by switching off the inflammation with appropriate medical treatments. Patients with nodulocystic acne and skin of colour are at increased risk of scarring and should be...

A global approach to skin health and rejuvenation

Before employing any rejuvenation intervention, an in-depth aesthetic consultation must occur to gain a patient's history, discuss goals and create a treatment plan in accordance with their...

The basics of dermatologic ultrasonography for the aesthetic practitioner

The terms ‘ultrasound’ and ‘sonography’ tend to be used interchangeably. Ultrasound is a modality that uses acoustic energy or sound waves above the range of the human ear to create a two-dimensional...

An introduction to treating rosacea

Diagnosis of rosacea can be difficult at times. The rash in this condition is central on the face, sparing the periorbital and perioral region..

Five trending facial treatments and their relationship with skin health

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive, superficial physical exfoliation procedure that removes the skin barrier (El-Domyati et al, 2016). It is used to resurface the skin and stimulate subsequent...

An introduction to chemical peels for the body

With minimal visible peeling, superficial and medium-depth skin peels require little to no downtime at all (Zakopoulou and Kontochristopoulos, 2006; Landau, 2008). They are a desirable treatment due...

Using platelet-rich plasma for skin rejuvenation

Skin is a barrier that protects the body from water loss and micro-organism infection. It is thought that it also has an important cosmetic role, as a youthful and beautiful appearance may have a...

Assessment, treatment and new approaches to facial veins

Any classification is only useful if it helps practitioners to understand appropriate treatment strategies for each category. For facial veins, the most useful four pieces of information are position,...

Collagen supplements: trend or truth for the treatment of ageing skin in menopausal women?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the body, and it is an essential component of every tissue. Known for its glue-like capacity, which holds the body together as connective tissue, it is aptly...

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