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Practice Management

Tackle the summer slowdown with pre- and post-holiday packages

Not every patient takes a summer holiday, and even if they go away for a couple of weeks that still means they are at home for most of July and August. So what stops them coming into clinic as...

Dismissing an employee respectfully

According to Alexandra Farmer, Head of Team and a solicitor at WorkNest, a fair dismissal procedure consists of two essential components: (i) having a valid reason to dismiss and (ii) acting...

Employees with grievances

Every employee has the right to file a grievance at any time, regardless of what it relates to. Further, there is no minimum length of service required to make a complaint..

Selecting your next device

Before you start looking at devices online or at Aesthetic Conferences, you need to understand who it is you treat, who you want to attract and what their wants and needs are. What type of patient...

Assisting your staff with managing rising costs

From an employer's perspective, Charles Cotton, the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) reward and performance adviser, believes that a general review of compensation and benefits...

Fathers at work: a discussion of paternal rights in the workplace

Han-Son Lee, the founder of, an online community that aims to support fathers, has noticed this change in roles. Back in May 2019, Daddilife conducted research - with a project entitled...

How to avoid the wage spiral

A director at law firm Walker Morris, Lucy Gordon, is aware of the current issues for both companies and employees..

Debunking health and safety myths

Many firms see the attraction of using contractors. However, for Phil Crosbie, the ability to pass on liability is not one of them, observing that, for decades, there have been prosecutions of those...

The importance of building (and maintaining) trust

‘People buy from people that they know, like and trust’—Bob Burg .

Movers and takers: do not let secrets walk out the door

There are three general categories of confidential information: general skills and knowledge; confidential information (such as patient lists, financial information and marketing strategies); and...

When two worlds collide

» As professionals, we must make sure that we take the time to remind ourselves of these guidelines from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency, Advertising Standards Authority and...

A guide to mistaken payments

A mistaken payment is different from a fraudulent transaction, which is where a person or business is tricked into paying money to a criminal's account, rather than the genuine account that they...

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