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The Government's consultation on ‘the licensing of non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England’

Readers will remember that following a rigorous campaign with regulators, Ministers, MPs, Members of the House of Lords, with national policy influencers and with fellow partner organizations the JCCP...

Notes from a successful conference

»The substance and the content of the live demonstrations, panel discussions and presentations covered a host of topics pertinent to medical aesthetic practice. This year, the academic and practical...

Networking essentials: the etiquette of connecting

Connecting with people is a human trait. So what makes our general day-to-day interactions differ from how we network? When we network, we discuss areas of mutual interest, discuss trends, analyse...

JAN and the BACN conference on the 14th and 15th of September

The British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN) is returning to Birmingham for its annual conference following highly positive feedback from delegates, speakers, and exhibitors in 2022. The event...

Do not hide anything from His Majesty's Revenue and Customs

The difference between what HMRC believes it ought to collect in tax and what it actually manages to collect is estimated each year. Known as the ‘tax gap’, the estimate for 2020–21 put this amount at...

Let's get social with the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses (BACN)!

» The BACN has just started a new three-part series on social media. ‘The Power of Paperless’ Instagram Lives are in partnership with Aesthetic Nurse Software. The series will discuss everything...

Cosmetic procedures: the supply of medicines to safeguard consumer health and wellbeing

» Instruments within the Human Medicines Regulations (2012) in England permit medical prescribers—doctors and dentists included—to obtain prescription medicines on a ‘wholesale’ basis, where the...

Tackle the summer slowdown with pre- and post-holiday packages

Not every patient takes a summer holiday, and even if they go away for a couple of weeks that still means they are at home for most of July and August. So what stops them coming into clinic as...

Letters from JAN: terminology matters

As editor, as opposed to having the Letters to JAN section this month, I would like to pass on a message from the head of our editorial board, Nurse Cheryl Barton.

Employees with grievances

Every employee has the right to file a grievance at any time, regardless of what it relates to. Further, there is no minimum length of service required to make a complaint..

Updates from the BACN

‘Working in the NHS you're part of a huge organisation that not only provides safe, evidence based practice, but a community of peers whom you look up to and learn from. Working privately in your...

Setting the record straight : the next steps for licensing in England's aesthetics sector

» [The enactment of a new licencing scheme for non-surgical cosmetic procedures in England] is crucial, as when performed badly, procedures can cause infection, allergic reactions, disfigurement,...

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