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K-Laser Blue

K-Laser Blue is distributed in the UK and Ireland by VBS Medical, well known in the laser market for their range of leading aesthetic and therapeutic equipment. VBS Medical provides extensive scientific training to their customers, as well as marketing support, free clinical advice, free software updates, free warranty on the diodes for the lifetime of the machine, and participates to medical research in NHS hospitals, universities and international institutions.

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Location K-Laser UK - VBS Medical Ltd, 32 Westbere Road, London, NW2 3SR
Call 07577901601

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K-Laser Blue Revolutionises the Aesthetic Laser Market

K-Laser Blue is the world’s most portable and dynamic surgical and therapeutic laser in the aesthetic market. This advanced All-In-One device is suitable for small clinics or professionals working between multiple sites. The high intensity, non-ionizing Blue light provides a safe and very accurate surgical laser for a huge range of aesthetic applications:

1. Skin lesions: nevus, papillomas, sun spots, keratosis and tissue biopsies
2. Vascular lesions: angiomas, teleangectasis, facial veins
3. Facial rejuvenation, Fractional Re-Surfacing, Skin Tightening and Stretch marks
4. Onychomycosis and In-growing toenails
5. Additional Heads allow: Laser Liposuction, Gynaecological and Endovascular varicose veins

Whereas the red and infra-red beams allow minimal scarring, accelerated tissue healing and pain relief for:
1. Post-surgical healing
2. Acne and mucositis
3. Diabetic and chronic wounds
4. Management of chronic pain, oedema and inflammation

The K-Laser Blue comes with a complete set of accessory heads for a variety of treatment, lifetime warranty of the diodes and free software updates.
If you think this is too good to be true, request a demo and see for yourself! For further information please visit our website or contact