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Created in 2012, Neauvia operates globally in 80+ countries. As part of the MatexLab group, it pioneers medical aesthetics, offering innovative therapies and empowering beauty enthusiasts worldwide with safe and effective solutions.

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Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals

Neauvia Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals

The Promise of Amplified Aesthetic Results

Based on advanced knowledge and research on active ingredients, Neauvia Aesthetic Cosmeceuticals offer professional and exclusive skincare range. They are exceptional solutions with scientifically proven efficacy designed by doctors for aesthetic medicine specialists. Highly qualitative and backed up by vast expertise, they are suitable for skin preparation, post-treatment, and home care, designed to work in synergy with aesthetic treatments.

Neauvia Devices

Neauvia Energy Based Devices

The Best Results with Maximum Safety

Neauvia provides a range of energy-based devices for the aesthetic, gynaecological and surgical treatments. Neauvia devices are characterized by advanced electromedical engineering, ensuring maximum patient safety. They are based on specifically designed and integrated technology; they can be combined with Neauvia’s PEG-HA fillers and aesthetic cosmeceuticals.

Neauvia Fillers

PEG-HA fillers

A Revolution in the HA Filler Market

Neauvia HA Fillers are based on a unique technology – Smart Xross Linking Technology – which combines Hyaluronic Acid and PEG polymers in one network. PEG is a well-known polymer on the pharmaceutical market, due to its unique safety profile. It gives NEAUVIA products outstanding mechanical, rheological, and thermodynamic properties as well as a high safety and tolerability profile, allowing the fillers to perfectly integrate into the various anatomical areas.