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Putting fraudsters on notice

The world of healthcare has not been exempt from this. In January 2012, the Mail Online wrote about a practice manager, Duncan Millar, who got into debt following the failure of his marriage and...

Data protection law to be reformed — again

Kevin Modiri, a partner and solicitor at a law firm called Nelsons, says that the original bill was postponed after former prime minister, Liz Truss, took office. However, he details that last October...

Dismissing an employee respectfully

According to Alexandra Farmer, Head of Team and a solicitor at WorkNest, a fair dismissal procedure consists of two essential components: (i) having a valid reason to dismiss and (ii) acting...

Assisting your staff with managing rising costs

From an employer's perspective, Charles Cotton, the Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development (CIPD) reward and performance adviser, believes that a general review of compensation and benefits...

Fathers at work: a discussion of paternal rights in the workplace

Han-Son Lee, the founder of, an online community that aims to support fathers, has noticed this change in roles. Back in May 2019, Daddilife conducted research - with a project entitled...

How to avoid the wage spiral

A director at law firm Walker Morris, Lucy Gordon, is aware of the current issues for both companies and employees..

Settlement agreements: dealing with the past

As to why an employer would want to bring an end to an employee's employment using a settlement agreement, Sophie Wahba, a solicitor at Wright Hassall, provides further insights. According to Wahba,...

In sickness and in health

The basis for any discussion on this issue is what the law prescribes. Mark Stevens, a senior associate at law firm VWV, says that employees who are absent from work are protected and can take time...

Moving on

Jessica Booz, a partner, and commercial property solicitor at at Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV), says that a leaseholder has the options of assignment, subletting and the use of any break clauses that...

Debunking health and safety myths

Many firms see the attraction of using contractors. However, for Phil Crosbie, the ability to pass on liability is not one of them, observing that, for decades, there have been prosecutions of those...

Reward and prosper

According to Lauren Sweeney, head of people at Virgin Incentives and Virgin Experience Days, happy employees should be the aim of any HR team as ‘high staff turnover not only slows business growth and...

Employment law myths—who are you gonna call?

Lucy Gordon puts the concept that an employee can be dismissed with less than 2 years' service and without following a process or giving a reason in prime position for debunking..

Softly, softly task force

Clive Lewis, founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Illumine Training, defines soft skills as ‘one of those somewhat vague terms that means slightly different things to different people.

On the question of diversity: equality in the workplace

How employers react to neurodivergence is very important to the acceptance of those individuals with associated conditions..

Avoiding zombie apocalypse

There have always been companies unable to pay their way properly, as they live from one day to the next. Known as ‘zombie companies’, they are classically defined as carrying substantial debt that,...

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