Considering the psychology behind aesthetics

02 April 2024
Volume 13 · Issue 3

Psychology is an important area of consideration in the aesthetics industry, but one that is not always given the space for discussion that it deserves.

In many cases, the desire to seek aesthetic treatments can be driven by underlying psychological factors such as self-esteem and body image. It is vital these factors are taken into account by practitioners before proceeding with treatments to ensure optimal patient satisfaction and best outcomes for both clinician and patient.

Of course, for some patients, if their only criticism of themselves is centered around the desire for fuller lips or a smoother forehead, ‘correcting’ these perceived insecurities can, in some cases, achieve a positive result in terms of self-esteem.

However, if a patient's feelings of dissatisfaction are more deep-seated, these procedures are often not the quick fix the patient hoped for. Aesthetic procedures should not serve as a temporary sticking-plaster – for the best interests of the patient and practitioner.

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