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Kimberley Cairns

Patient emotional and psychological safety

BDD is characterised by a preoccupation with an imagined defect in one's appearance, or in the case of a slight physical anomaly, the person's concern is markedly excessive. BDD is characterised by...

Hidden stressors and patient motivations: the role of the aesthetic nurse

More generally, hidden stressors can be found in anything from smartphone dependence, unstable home environments, having unsatisfactory or poor-quality relationships, personal insecurities, a...

Gambling with aesthetics: the hidden challenges of illicit advertising

» A number of practitioners choose to promote the use of prescription-only medicines (POMs) through advertising and social media channels, although all prescription-only medicines are regulated in...

Can medical aesthetic treatments improve mental health?

Mental health problems are a growing public health concern and are becoming established as one of the main causes of the overall disease burden worldwide (World Health Organization (WHO), 2001;...

The emotional aspects of and psychological assessment for aesthetic, cosmetic and non-surgical treatments

With no single accepted psychological assessment tool available for use within the non-surgical aesthetics arena, it is imperative that the sector unites to seek understanding of the effects that...

Improving mental health outcomes for aesthetic nurses

Mental illnesses are not visible and often not communicated. Therefore, unmanageable stress must be regarded as a silent threat. Thankfully, there are creative ways to support nursing colleagues and...

Mental health and moral injury among nurses: practical self-compassionate care to alleviate the psychological impact of COVID-19

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses were typically regarded as being at high risk of experiencing exhaustion, autoimmune disease and even suicidal ideation (Lamb et al, 2020). With many...

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