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Paul Charlson

Aesthetic practitioner, SkinQure and Intoskin, East Yorkshire and London, Board member, British College of Aesthetic Medicine

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Radiofrequency microneedling in aesthetic practice

RF microneedling uses sharp needles to penetrate the skin and pass non-ionising electromagnetic radiation through the dermis. There are two types of needles: insulated and non-insulated. Non-insulated...

Non-surgical treatment options for the neck and décolletage

There are numerous topical agents that improve skin quality and appearance. The problem for both the clinician and patient is that the choice is extensive. The most important, and often overlooked,...

An introduction to treating rosacea

Diagnosis of rosacea can be difficult at times. The rash in this condition is central on the face, sparing the periorbital and perioral region..

Treating chronic migraines with botulinum toxin

In acute migraine, the episode lasts 4–72 hours. There is usually a prodromal period prior to the headache that might consist of symptoms such as irritability, tiredness, dizziness, hunger, nausea, or...

Light-emitting diode treatments and indications for treatment

According to the evidence, LED therapy appears to be safe and easy to administer, with no reported side effects or downtime. However, there have been concerns regarding normal LED lighting,...

The rationale for the newly launched Clinical Advisory Group

The Joint Council of Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) is a charitable organisation. It is a recognised self-regulator of the non-surgical aesthetic industry in the UK, and the point of access for the...

Cryotherapy: treatment spectrum and setting up the service

» Hypopigmentation is common in cryotherapy, and care should be taken, especially in darker skinned patients, as changes in pigmentation may be permanent, and this can lead to litigation if the...

Education in aesthetics: how to become a successful aesthetic trainer, examiner and assessor

Training in aesthetics occurs in many different settings, including the following..

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