What do men want? A gender-specific approach to male facial rejuvenation

02 February 2020
Volume 9 · Issue 1


Men are a small, but growing, segment of the non-surgical facial rejuvenation patient population. Men seek treatment for a variety of reasons, including seeking a more youthful and masculine appearance, and, most often, seek treatments to improve their hairline, periocular area and jawline. Sexual dimorphism in the human face dictates a different approach to male facial rejuvenation and revolumisation. Approaches to the upper, mid and lower face with neurotoxins and dermal fillers are discussed, with an emphasis on masculising and not feminising the male patient.

Amy Miller

Since its inception, the practice of aesthetic medicine has been dominated by the female patient. Surgical and non-surgical treatments for facial rejuvenation have evolved to conform the idealised feminine standard of beauty. Arguably, the biggest factor contributing to this feminine standard is the appearance of youth. As men have become aware of modern medicine's ability to help ‘turn back the clock’, they too have begun seeking treatment in greater numbers. Initially, many aesthetic practitioners transferred what they knew of the female face to the male face and treated both in the same manner. Unfortunately, this created a feminised appearance in some men, and possibly deterred future male patients (continuing the pattern of female consumer dominance). Over time, greater appreciation of sexual dimorphism and its application in facial aesthetics has helped practitioners realise that male patients require a different approach and treatment technique. Understanding the differences in female and male facial anatomy, as well as the differing goals of the female and male patient, is imperative to successfully treat both sexes. For clarity's sake, treatment of any of non-female and non-male sexual identities is beyond the scope of this article and will not be addressed.

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