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Enhancing the Cupid's bow with hyaluronic acid dermal fillers

An important process is assessment, planning and implementing (Seitz et al, 2019). As responsible practitioners, we must ask ourselves valuable questions during an examination. Although lip...


It has been well established that exposure to sun beds is a risk factor for skin cancer. Despite this, sunbeds are still commonly used throughout Europe. It is important to understand the determinants...

Stigmatisation and societal pressure in patients with skin conditions

With the psychological distress and concerns that are associated with these skin conditions, societal impact is significant in forming, as well as eliminating, factors developed by the individual of...

When does the exquisite become excessive in lip augmentation?

Attempts to define the concept of beauty have been around for millennia. It is generally accepted that the best we can do mathematically is the number, or geometrical proportion, known as phi. It has...

The décolletage: the forgotten area of anti-ageing enhancement

Each of these types of changes to the décolletage requires a different treatment, and it is therefore important to establish during the consultation which changes are affecting the patient the most,...

Using cannulas for dermal filler placement: why, when and how?

When precision of supraperiosteal placement of a filler with a sharp needle was compared with a non-traumatic cannula in cadaver specimens, the cannula was shown to be more precise in placement of the...

Pigmentation disorders: types, aetiology and treatment options

Melanocytes make two forms of melanin: eumelanin and pheomelanin. The relative amounts of these two pigments help to determine the colour of a person's hair and skin. People who produce mostly...

Managing patients with needle phobia in aesthetic practice

According to Hamilton (1995), 80% of patients with needle phobia described the same strong needle fear in a first-degree relative, indicating that it is learned from a role model during childhood (Du...

Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy: implications for practice

The average age of the menopause in the UK is 51 years (NHS UK, 2019), and with ever-increasing life expectancy, which is now around 82.9 years for women (Office for National Statistics, 2018), we...

Comment: Obesity and the possibility for private medical weight management services

In 2013, the DHSC embarked upon classifying services for weight management into a series of tiers:.

The need for regulation grows ever more urgent

‘I am looking at a time scale of about two or three years to get to a point where the government will propose legislation. My job is to encourage the government to do that.’.

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