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Research Roundup

Medical aesthetic clinics use social media platforms to engage with both their existing and future patients. Verification surrounding these social media posts as investigated by UK and Dutch aesthetic...

What can be done to manage hyperpigmentation and melasma during pregnancy?

Because of the lack of studies and data on the treatment of pregnant women with melasma and hyperpigmentation, treatment is usually deferred until after birth, when any skin changes incurred during...

The dichotomy of dermal fillers: when does the biostimulatory response become one of regeneration versus one of replacement?

The normal wound healing cascade consists roughly of four phases: the hemostasis phase, inflammatory phase, the proliferative phase, and the maturational stage. The hemostasis and inflammatory stages...

Research Roundup

People have long been enjoying ‘Do it Yourself’ (DIY) activities for a variety of hobbies, such as gardening, home improvements and cooking. But only recently has this been applied to DIY cosmetics....

Letters from JAN: terminology matters

As editor, as opposed to having the Letters to JAN section this month, I would like to pass on a message from the head of our editorial board, Nurse Cheryl Barton.

Acne scar management and treatment: a review of the options

Laser treatment of acne scars can be divided into two main categories: ablative and non-ablative (Table 1). Thermal injury delivered by lasers leads to stimulation of dermal fibroblasts, which...

The introduction of polynucleotides

The basic unit of the polynucleotide-based injectable relies on long chains of highly purified nucleotides which form a series of highly stable alpha helixes. The hypoallergenic polynucleotides are...

Mastopexy: a means to correct breast ptosis

» The causation or presence of breast ptosis is related to skin elasticity, ductal structures and supporting ligaments « .

Hidden stressors and patient motivations: the role of the aesthetic nurse

More generally, hidden stressors can be found in anything from smartphone dependence, unstable home environments, having unsatisfactory or poor-quality relationships, personal insecurities, a...

Case study: providing Botox treatment for a patient with pre-existing conditions

In all honesty, I was very hesitant to treat the patient at first, as even my highly experienced colleagues in aesthetics had advised me that they would steer clear from such a challenging case....

Insights into transgender aesthetics: in conversation with Miss International Queen Colombia 2023

While transgender individuals have existed since ancient times, it was not until the past century when terms such as ‘transgender’ were coined and became more integrated into academic scholarship (see...

Research Roundup

Research into exosomes—tiny, sac-resembling structures formed inside cells—is growing rapidly. Exosomes transfer information between cells by delivering signalling molecules. With regard to its use,...

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