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Non-surgical treatment options for the neck and décolletage

There are numerous topical agents that improve skin quality and appearance. The problem for both the clinician and patient is that the choice is extensive. The most important, and often overlooked,...

Research Roundup

An increasingly popular medical aesthetic procedure for hand atrophy and ageing is hand rejuvenation..

The influence of TikTok on dermatology, aesthetics and skincare

The relationship between social media, dermatology, aesthetics and skincare is growing increasingly important. People are more likely to seek a dermatologist or a cosmetic physician who is active on...

Regenerative medicine: a brief look into platelet-rich plasma therapy

Regenerative medicine has come to play a crucial role in medical aesthetics. Within this field, clinicians can remodel and slow down the ageing process without injecting artificial substances. All...

Research Roundup

Perceived defects or flaws in appearance that may not be apparent to others are symptoms of body dysmorphic disorder (BDD)..

Attitudes toward cosmetic procedures: a comparative study

This descriptive cross-sectional study aimed to compare attitudes toward cosmetic procedures in its applicants and non-applicants in Rafsanjan, Iran. The study population included all applicants...

Improving patients' skin quality using skin boosters in aesthetic practice

During the ageing process, there is a degradation and disorganisation of dermal fibres; collagenesis and elastogenesis are diminished and reduced glycosaminoglycans is observed. These processes result...

A global approach to skin health and rejuvenation

Before employing any rejuvenation intervention, an in-depth aesthetic consultation must occur to gain a patient's history, discuss goals and create a treatment plan in accordance with their...

Platelet-rich plasma: how safe is it, and can it cause irreversible blindness?

PRP is an autologous concentration of human platelets in a small volume of plasma that is developed from autologous blood. This means that it is inherently safe and defined as a sample of autologous...

Facial aesthetic treatments in East Asian populations

Asian people make up the world's largest ethnic group. It is important to note that not all Asian populations are similar, nor do they all have identical face morphology, cultural beliefs or ideals of...

Dynamic muscle discord in the context of non-surgical lip enhancement

The mentalis muscle is a central muscle that is situated at the tip of the chin. In addition to raising the chin, the mentalis muscle elevates the lower lip and, when more strongly contracted, can...

An introduction to treating rosacea

Diagnosis of rosacea can be difficult at times. The rash in this condition is central on the face, sparing the periorbital and perioral region..

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