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Assessing body dysmorphic disorder and eating disorders in cosmetic procedure populations

According to the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual for Mental Disorders (DSM-V) (2013), BDD is classified under obsessive-compulsive and related disorders and requires four...

Factors involved in tissue-lifting threads

Thread vectors can be macro-forces, designed to oppose the gravitational downward migration of the tissues of the face, neck and body, or smaller micro-forces, which may or may not be significant..

Treating Afro hair loss: signs, symptoms and specialist interest

African hair is fragile compared with other ethnic groups (as measured by the tensile force needed to break the hair fibre). The hair has a tendency to form knots and appear broken compared with hair...

Hyperhidrosis: a hot topic?

Hyperhidrosis can be classified as either primary, the most common type, or secondary, which will be detailed below..

Periorbital rejuvenation and tear trough filler

Dermal filler fills an area and changes light reflection; however, it will not help hyperpigmented skin or hollowness due to puffy eyes and poor lymphatic drainage (Sharad, 2012). Many patients with...

The use of onabotulinumtoxin A in migraine: mechanism of action, efficacy, safety and tolerability

Management of CM involves multiple factors (Weatherall, 2015), including: Lifestyle modifications, such as losing weight, modifying response to stressors and getting sufficient sleep (Schwedt,...

Management options for self-harm scars: non-surgical and surgical modalities

DSH entails infliction of self-injury in the absence of suicidal intent for the large majority of patients. However, it is important to note that DSH is a recognised risk factor for suicide in a...

Multimodality imaging features of augmented breasts via AQUAfilling gel injection: an imaging challenge

A 40-year-old woman who had undergone breast augmentation via AQUAfilling gel injection 2 years ago was referred to the three of the authors' radiology department due to palpable mass on the upper...

Male body sculpting: an increasing trend in aesthetics and what it means for practitioners

According to the media, male vanity is no myth (Bhatia, 2019). Men take as much care about their looks as women do. Over the past few years, there have been articles published about the rise in male...


An important protein for skin barrier structure and function is filaggrin. It is thought that mutations in the filaggrin gene FLG and loss of function may increase the dermal absorption of chemicals..

Cryotherapy: treatment spectrum and setting up the service

» Hypopigmentation is common in cryotherapy, and care should be taken, especially in darker skinned patients, as changes in pigmentation may be permanent, and this can lead to litigation if the...

Responding to change: ethical choices to improve your practice and reduce your environmental footprint

»Although there is no vegan alternative to Botox (yet), there are other treatments and products out there that help with anti-ageing and are both vegan and cruelty-free« .

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