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Gain without pain: beyond sport effortless exercise solutions

Increased toxicity is the protagonist in all aspects of physical illness. Lack of exercise leads to increased toxicity and increased vulnerability to one or more chronic physical conditions. Exercise...

Treatment protocol and effectiveness of cosmeceuticals in aesthetic practice

Acne vulgaris is a chronic inflammatory disease of the skin, affecting the pilo-sebaceous unit (Watkins, 2010; Abdel Hay, 2016). It is characterised by several symptoms: oily skin, rough skin texture,...

Understanding facial anatomy in aesthetic practice

This lack of regulation makes the aesthetics industry open to any person to inject wrinkle relaxants and soft tissue fillers at present with no medical training, no evidence of anatomy knowledge, no...

Techniques for hand rejuvenation with fillers in aesthetic practice

When first assessing the hand, it is important to perform a general assessment including normal function and anatomy. Look for symmetry, muscle movement and strength, sensation and use the Allen's...

Empowering the woman: a comprehensive model of sexual anti-ageing

The different laser and RF methods touting female satisfaction from successful vaginal rejuvenation stand against the strict comments from a number of federal agencies and medical associations..

Understanding body image from a psychosocial stance: how this connects with patients requesting cosmetic procedures

The key to understanding why specific individuals request cosmetic procedures lies in understanding how relationships with the body and body image are developed. Body image development is a complex...

Treating skin conditions: a holistic approach in dermatology

Psychodermatology addresses interactions between the mind and the skin (Jafferanay, 2011), and has recently seen a rise in popularity in UK dermatology clinics, possibly due to a recent study that...

Understanding the needs of skin of colour

A practitioner aware of how differences in culture impacts their relationship and interaction with their patient is likely to have more successful outcomes (Kennedy et al, 2017). This also involves...

Facial rejuvenation and skin-tightening using monopolar radiofrequency

The manifestations of ageing occur as a result of gravity impact, muscle action, loss of volume, reduction of superficial and deep fat and loss of skeletal support, which collectively lead to the face...

What do men want? A gender-specific approach to male facial rejuvenation

What is it that motivates a man to seek treatment in this predominately female arena? That largely depends on whom you ask, but there do seem to be some common patterns. According to Cohen et al...

Neck thread lifts as an alternative to surgical intervention for ‘turkey neck’

While polydioxanone threads are a popular choice of thread material, other materials, such as poly-L-lactic acid, polycaprolactone silicon-covered thread, gold and others are available to be used..

Research Roundup

Almost every injectable treatment with dermal filler has reported granulomatous foreign body reactions (GFBR). Such granulomatosis is uncommon; however, when they occur, they can cause substantial...

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