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Celebrating National Healthy Skin Month this November

02 November 2022
Volume 11 · Issue 9

While I am shocked that we are already publishing the penultimate issue of the Journal of Aesthetic Nursing (JAN) this year, November brings with it the busiest time of the year for medical aesthetic practitioners and is also National Healthy Skin Month, which is sponsored by the American Association of Dermatology.

National Healthy Skin Month is a great time for clinics to educate their patients on healthy skin practices, including (but not limited to) the regular and thorough use of sun protection factor (SPF); the relationship between the gut/diet and skin; and regular skin cancer screenings. This is important because many internet trends can lead to poor skin health. In a recent article, Gonzalez (2022) details the science behind the newest trend of slugging: covering the skin in an occlusive moisturiser (or, it seems, usually Vaseline) at the last step in a skincare routine to lock in moisture and boost hydration. She comments that, for certain skin types, slugging can increase the likelihood of acne formation. Additionally, occlusive agents are already found in most available hydrating lotions and creams, and slugging does not replace the need for many other necessary healthy skin practices (for example, gentle cleansing and daily SPF use) (Gonzalez, 2022).

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