Tackle the summer slowdown with pre- and post-holiday packages

02 July 2023
Volume 12 · Issue 6


The summer slowdown happens every year, but with some pre-planning and creativity, you can provide packages that attract enquiries, deliver results and boost revenue. Post-season, assess what worked, tweak what didn't and make sure that for summer 2024 you start the promotional work in spring to ensure maximum uptake

Summer Season. What does it mean for you?

Seasonal fluctuations are to be expected in any industry, and aesthetics is no different. Peaks and troughs are challenging, and the summer holiday period can be quite the rollercoaster for some. Many practitioners and clinics report an increase of bookings around June as patients carry out last minute summer holiday preparation. The number of injectable treatments that deliver almost instantaneous results rise, as do body shaping and cellulite-smoothing options as patient rush to boost their confidence before their summer break. However, over July and August, things quieten down as regular patients take well-deserved breaks in the sun. This leaves practitioners and clinics with a reduction in revenue, a drop in bookings and the added stress of worrying about their business, especially during a cost-of-living crisis. If all of this sounds familiar then keep reading; the solution is to be proactive rather than reactive.

Not every patient takes a summer holiday, and even if they go away for a couple of weeks that still means they are at home for most of July and August. So what stops them coming into clinic as frequently? It can be a number of things. The cost of a holiday, flights, a new wardrobe, spending money and the expense of dining out each night soon mounts up. No matter how hard someone has saved up, a holiday puts added pressure on an already overstretched budget. When patients fly back from their break they have to absorb the overspend. They do that by cutting back on ‘less essential’ expenses, which which may translate as less frequent visits to have aesthetic treatments and a reduction in spend even when they do book their appointment.

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