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Practice Management

Ideas, tasks and information: all to hand in a single workflow

Numerous professionals experience the common problem of managing the vast amount of information they are exposed to..

Settlement agreements: dealing with the past

As to why an employer would want to bring an end to an employee's employment using a settlement agreement, Sophie Wahba, a solicitor at Wright Hassall, provides further insights. According to Wahba,...

Insider tips for launching anything on social media

It may sound obvious, but many people do not know what ‘success’ actually means for a particular social media launch. They have immediately skipped to deciding what to post. However, before a...

Doom and gloom, or a growth moment?

» In medicine, there is a minimum effective dose, and anything less does not work. It is the same with marketing. The more times that a prospect hears and sees a practitioner's name, both online and...

Change talk: developing a therapeutic relationship with your patients

The most important factor is to have a light conversation with your patient that makes them comfortable and valued, as opposed to a bland mention about the weather or an uncomfortable silence. Below...

In sickness and in health

The basis for any discussion on this issue is what the law prescribes. Mark Stevens, a senior associate at law firm VWV, says that employees who are absent from work are protected and can take time...

Moving on

Jessica Booz, a partner, and commercial property solicitor at at Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV), says that a leaseholder has the options of assignment, subletting and the use of any break clauses that...

Why mobile user experience is critical for aesthetic businesses in 2022 and beyond

Statistics from (2020) show that over 70% of websites visitors in the beauty sector are using a mobile, and Google data shows that over 60% of all Google searches are done on a mobile...

Streamlining your aesthetics clinic processes

Managing a diary, responding to enquiries and booking in appointments requires a lot of time and energy that could be spent elsewhere in an aesthetic business. Now, more than ever, it is becoming...

Debunking health and safety myths

Many firms see the attraction of using contractors. However, for Phil Crosbie, the ability to pass on liability is not one of them, observing that, for decades, there have been prosecutions of those...

The importance of building (and maintaining) trust

‘People buy from people that they know, like and trust’—Bob Burg .

Movers and takers: do not let secrets walk out the door

There are three general categories of confidential information: general skills and knowledge; confidential information (such as patient lists, financial information and marketing strategies); and...

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