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A guide to mistaken payments

A mistaken payment is different from a fraudulent transaction, which is where a person or business is tricked into paying money to a criminal's account, rather than the genuine account that they...

The social media influencer

» A well-drafted agreement is often the key to maximising engagement with a target audience and maintaining brand reputation—it will make it clear what is expected from both parties, avoid common...

Reward and prosper

According to Lauren Sweeney, head of people at Virgin Incentives and Virgin Experience Days, happy employees should be the aim of any HR team as ‘high staff turnover not only slows business growth and...

Employment law myths—who are you gonna call?

Lucy Gordon puts the concept that an employee can be dismissed with less than 2 years' service and without following a process or giving a reason in prime position for debunking..

Five entrepreneurial challenges to boost your entrepreneurship

However, there is a problem with this arrangement of reptile, monkey and empire builder. The lower parts of the brain are strong and can shut down the higher parts of the brain. For example, if the...

The relationship between economics and aesthetics

Two fundamental principles define economics. First, people take advantage of incentives: good opportunities are almost always exploited. The second principle is that every sale is also a purchase, and...

Lease breaks: top tips (and traps for the unwary)

While the cost savings involved in a rationalisation exercise can be significant, so, too, can the risks. Once the decision has been made to bring a commercial lease to an end, the failure to serve a...

Super deduction: a financial marvel?

Very simply, the super deduction is a temporary allowance that gives a greater and faster level of tax relief on qualifying expenditure incurred in the 2-year period between 1 April 2021 and 31 March...

To post, or not to post—that is the question

Medical aesthetics businesses and brands have always had to tread carefully when advertising, especially concerning prescription-only medications (POM) such as botulinum toxin. Social media promotion...

Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business: now is the time for a practice health check

Patient retention is key to running a successful practice—you do not want a sieve! Generating new enquiries is costly, and it is a numbers game. It is not just receiving the enquiry; it is ensuring...

Socially acceptable behaviour

Inappropriate use of social media by employees can carry dangers for any business, and the main risk is reputational damage to the business. Other key dangers of social media use include:.

Softly, softly task force

Clive Lewis, founder and former Chief Executive Officer of Illumine Training, defines soft skills as ‘one of those somewhat vague terms that means slightly different things to different people.

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