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BT switch off in 2025

The reason traditional lines will be switched off due to the fact that they no longer meet the demand for new technology. For example, it does not support data connections (the internet) and it is...

New to entrepreneurship? Part 3: building your brand's culture

There will be aspects of each practitioner's business that will not play to their strengths. It could be administration and logistics, in which case, someone will be needed to handle operations. It...

On the question of diversity: equality in the workplace

How employers react to neurodivergence is very important to the acceptance of those individuals with associated conditions..

The five strategic core pillars that every aesthetic business needs to succeed

Now, I will discuss the first strategic pillar: marketing. To get the best results from marketing and, in fact, all the strategic pillars, it is always best to start with a definition. Marketing is...

New to entrepreneurship? Part 2: taking your big idea to market

Developing an engaging product that meets the need of these prospects is what is being discussed, and it does not have to be limited to just clinical aesthetics. Combining products from other related...

Avoiding zombie apocalypse

There have always been companies unable to pay their way properly, as they live from one day to the next. Known as ‘zombie companies’, they are classically defined as carrying substantial debt that,...

Industry ripples: aesthetics trends according to a public relations professional

In lieu of access to in-clinic treatment, patients have gone back to the drawing board and reviewed their skincare regimes, demanding more from their skincare products than ever before. Many have...

‘No jab, no job’: the legal implications for employers

According to Mark Stevens, senior associate at law firm VWV, the law does not currently permit vaccinations to be mandatory..

Embracing online opportunities: how aesthetics clinics can ride the digital wave

LinkedIn is a personal favourite tool to use for my own businesses and that of my clients, because I know it works—and it is not just me. There are currently around 55 million companies on LinkedIn...

Using scheduling for health and wealth

Planning activities can be a particularly daunting task, especially for those who may have varying hours at work and child commitments. However, if the day is not planned and urgent tasks are merely...

More firms and organisations can use the Financial Ombudsman Service to get redress against financial product providers

The FOS is a free service, set up by parliament to deal with complaints against any financial organisation. Costs are borne by the financial services sector out of levies collected by the Financial...

Using a zettelkasten to manage your ideas

Everyone has been in a position where notes have been diligently made at lectures, meetings or conferences. It is hoped that they will help to magically retain information better, and they might even...

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