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Preparing for the end of the tax year

The first thing to consider is whether all allowances have been used. The UK tax system is very complex, and there are many reliefs and allowances that individuals can take advantage of, provided that...

Boosting business with ethical behaviour

According to Philippa Foster Back, director of the Institute of Business Ethics (IBE), ethical principles have shot up the corporate agenda. In her view, ‘there is no escaping current increasing...

How to create intimacy with your patients through marketing

The patient experience usually begins in the clinic. However, a lot of that intimacy depends on the way that aesthetic practitioners market to their patients—whether it is through their website, email...

The ABC of sales for the 21st century

Today, customers have access to as much (or, in some cases, more) information as the seller, as they can tap into an endless stream of choices, comparisons and reviews. They can now talk back to the...

Building your business: aesthetic clinics and professional associations

Grass roots work is one thing, but how do organisations interact with officialdom?.

Five reasons your aesthetic business could fail (and how to avoid them)

Unfortunately, there is still a widespread desire to ‘get rich quick’. When it is not happening fast enough, impatience gets the better of the business owner, and that is when high-risk decisions are...

Claiming back Statutory Sick Pay during the COVID-19 pandemic

Just as COVID-19 has changed the way that the world and its economies are working, it has also changed how the SSP regime is administered and the level of coverage. Back in March 2020, the Government...

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on holiday entitlements

According to the document (, 2020), it is quite lawful for an employer to act to stop a worker taking time off on particular days. However, to do this, the employer must give notice equivalent...

A credit to your clinic: steps practitioners can take towards a good report

James McGarva, head of business information at Experian, defines a credit score as a ‘measure of creditworthiness, different factors to understand financial position and the level of financial risk’....

What to consider when reopening clinics following the COVID-19 pandemic

Coronavirus, a potentially fatal disease and the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic started in December 2019 (Lai et al, 2020). The mode of transmission is primarily through direct contact from person to...

Sustainability in aesthetics: it's easier than you think to be green

To make greener decisions, we need to understand exactly what sustainability is. The Cambridge Dictionary defines sustainability as causing little or no damage to the environment and therefore able to...

Education in aesthetics: how to become a successful aesthetic trainer, examiner and assessor

Training in aesthetics occurs in many different settings, including the following..

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