Notes from a successful conference

02 October 2023
Volume 12 · Issue 8


Clare Amrani from the British Association of Cosmetic Nurses celebrates a successful conference, and looks at how a stronger BACN can influence changes in medical aesthetics

This month, the British Association of Cosmetics Nurses (BACN) Autumn Conference in Birmingham has proven to be particularly exhilarating, both in terms of scientific content but also because of the regulatory issues it has raised.

Not surprisingly the event was fully booked, with over 300 delegates in attendance throughout the 2 days. It certainly did not disappoint, showcasing an array of world class education for nurses working in medical aesthetics. Indeed, it was by far the best conference the BACN has held to date. This was reflected by the numerous pieces of positive feedback from members and sponsors.

The substance and the content of the live demonstrations, panel discussions and presentations covered a host of topics pertinent to medical aesthetic practice. This year, the academic and practical contribution of the nurses has been particularly noticeable. Indeed, very respected nurses in our profession have shared their expert views on subjects ranging from day-to-day practice to the latest technologies, not to mention the future technologies. As always, the contribution of other medical professionals was extremely valuable. They brought their renowned expertise to both the live practical demonstrations, and in the academic arena.

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