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Ideas, tasks and information: all to hand in a single workflow

02 February 2023
Volume 12 · Issue 1


Many people amass useful information and articles, saving them as notes or bookmarks in chapters and websites. While this information is easily available in theory, in practice it can be difficult to find what is needed—or even remember what has been stored. A different approach to keeping and managing data can help manage tasks, avoid procrastination and develop ideas and knowledge

Trying to keep on top of our ideas to grow our brand and expand these with what we've learned from study and research over the years can be highly challenging and, without proper management, information is easily lost. Keeping track of tasks across multiple projects can also prove problematic.

This article discusses these issues and an approach to combine task management and building knowledge into a single workflow.

Numerous professionals experience the common problem of managing the vast amount of information they are exposed to.

They may subconsciously believe that gathering this together in one place means that such information is useful and has been learned—this is collector's fallacy.

Many gather useful information such as articles or bookmarked chapters and websites. Practitioners end up storing them in a collection of one form or another to look at one day but, ultimately, forget about them.

The problem is that many of us were not taught how to create useful notes or manage them. Hoarding volumes of information, whether on paper or digitally, does not magically increase our knowledge of a subject—for that information to be of some value, it needs to be curated and understood.

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