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Gambling with aesthetics: the hidden challenges of illicit advertising

02 April 2023
Volume 12 · Issue 3


In this JCCP piece, Dawn Knight and Kimberley Cairns talk about the regulations surrounding advertising and lotteries in the aesthetic industry

The Joint Council for Cosmetic Practitioners (JCCP) has campaigned for a significant period of time to ensure that members of the public are not confronted with misleading, false, or exaggerated claims from practitioners who seek to advertise their services in an unsafe or illegal manner.

The JCCP works closely with the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) to tackle misleading, harmful and illegal advertising in Aesthetics in the UK on all social media platforms, with a view to public protection and patient safety (ASA, 2023a).

During the summer of 2022, the JCCP highlighted a significant number of cases of illegal advertisements that helped to bring about new rulings for the Aesthetics Sector in the UK, for procedures such as Biotin Injections, B12 injections and Kenalog Injections (ASA, 2023b).

A number of practitioners choose to promote the use of prescription-only medicines (POMs) through advertising and social media channels, although all prescription-only medicines are regulated in law by the Medicines Regulation Act 2012 and cannot be subject to such promotions or advertisements (JCCP, 2020).

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